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The club member can watch the mining video and enjoy the scenery of birthplace of Tibet Andesine.


Live video report on the exploitation
of International Geology Science
and Expedition Team in the
Tibet Andesine Mine

  Mine Introduction
Tibet Andesine is one of the rare Andesines. Just like itsname --Tibetan Sunstone, it emtis the red light like the sunlight. People have long been yearing for this mystrerious and rare gemstone:not only because it is rare but also due to its bithplace where the altitude is highest and closest to the sky ----snow-covered Tibetan Plateau.

Starting from Lhasa, climbing over the 6,000-meters-high Moutain and passing the beautiful Yanghu Lake, then crossing over the perennial glacier-covered QinkangSang Moutain,we arrived at Jiangzi, Bailang county ,Shigatse City.

The mysterious Tibet Andesine was born in Jiangzi, Bailang County, Shigatse City. From the topographical map, this area is very flat surrounded by the mountains, which looks like a treasure basin. There is a very beautiful story told by the local Tibetan people : a snow lion from Himalayan passes here and finds it is a treasure land of Fengshui. Then it lies on this miraculous ground and finally it dies and changes into mountains and rivers. In the place where its head lies, it is found all kinds of mineral products and gemstones.Meanwhile, in th place where its tail lies,it changes into the land to produce barley and herbal medicines. The Tibet Andesine is buried in this place. People live a happy and peaceful life and enjoy the ample sunshine, pleasant climate all the year.

In the year 2005, Mr Li Tong came to Shigatse and found this rare gemstone. He decided to promote it in year 2007. During the cooperation with the local villagers committees, Mr Li Tong respected the local tibetan people and gained their recognition and trust. At last, Mr Li signed the long-term cooperation agreement with local village to help them to promote and sell this gemstone. What is more important,it is a good chance to show the gemstones to the people who love it all over the world.

Gem-quality feldspar has different kinds. Such as moonstone , amazonstone etc. People only find the stones like Tibet Andesine with red and transparent characters in Oregon in USA ,which is going to be exhausted. Tibet Andesine and Sun Stone from Oregon belong to the same serial of gemstone---Gem-quality feldspar with its rigidity 6.5-7.5, its consistency 2.65-2.75g and its refractive index 1.582-1.646. In most cases, it shows red or green colour, with scolopendra shape inclusion, black magnetite inclusion and two groups of complete cleavages.
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